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RE: double sided shear walls

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Hello Nels,

This is similar to what I have done in the past on some projects, however, I
am concerned that this may not hold up in a legal situation. Can anyone else
comment on this, John Rose? Bob Bossi?

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|~|At sole plates nailed through plywood diaphragm to floor
|~|framing, specify 2x
|~|continuous with 2x blocking between the studs, nailed to the
|~|sole plate with
|~|the same number of 10d nails per foot as the total plywood edge
|~|nails per
|~|foot on one side; the plywood is nailed each side with half of the edge
|~|nailing into the sole plate, half into the blocking, similar to
|~|the way it is
|~|nailed to the top plate, but keeping nails away from blocking ends.
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