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Parking space size

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I thought that I had seen weird parking arrangements when Tucson traffic 
engineers reoriented diagonal parking near the University of Arizona so that 
you had to *back in*!

         -------> Traffic Direction
       / / / / /
 ___ /_/_/_/_/_____ Curb

Makes one wonder what they were taught!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bruce C. Trobridge, PE, wrote:

. > The parking lot where I park has irregular spaces.  The centerline between
. > the short side of the spots is an arc.  This makes the open end of the 
. > spots very wide on the outside and very narrow on the inside of the arc. 
. > So some of the spots are difficult to get into. I found this out the hard 
. > way this morning the hard way when the corner of my bumper bumped the 
. > corner of the car in the adjacent spot.