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Re: Moving Faults and related foundation dam

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Again, great words of wisdom - thank's Roger. I did ask the caller to contact 
my client and to ask for a copy of whatever information is available. I told 
her that the final reports were not yet completed and that I could not 
recommend nor advise the type of repair or cost to repair. 
I did suggest that she hire another independent professional to help her 
evaluate the information in the reports so that she could make an informed 
I think in the future, that I will have a clause in my agreement or letters 
to my clients that will restrict who I will give the information to. If the 
client chooses to pass it on to the potential buyer then that will be his or 
their decision to make.
Thanks so much for your responses to this and my question of Kiln Drying. We 
do learn a great deal from one another on this list which makes it a great 
resources for all of us.


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 If I had not already done so, I would authorize my client to provide copies 
 of my report to the lady.  I have a provision in my reports that says,
 a)    That information contained in the report is to be provided only as 
 complete copies of the report, including enclosures, appendices and addenda 
 and is not to be provided orally, and,
 b)    The information contained in the report is not to be construed as a 
 recommendation to buy or not to buy a particular property --- that the buyer 
 is to evaluate the information in the report and together with all other 
 considerations decide if the property meets their requirements.
 I have found that people "hear" certain things in oral reports and don't 
 hear other, more important things, therefore, I will rarely give an oral 
 The second item I put in after a client had me look at several residential 
 properties that he was considering purchasing and remarked that I "was 
 awfully hard to please."  I told him that I would probably find something 
 "wrong" with any property and that is what I was telling him; I wasn't 
 telling him to buy or not to buy the property, but that these things had to 
 be considered.
 A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
 Tucson, Arizona