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RE: Reinforcement Shop Drawing Review

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1. Yes
2. Yes, I work for a State agency, our clients are other state agencies.
3. No, we use low bidders and would not want to find out.

Bruce C. Trobridge PE
Assistant Building Structural Engineer
NYS - Office of General Services

Well, I asked this question once before and received only 2 replies
(thoughtful and appreciated to be sure) so I will now ask the question
again another way.

Reinforced concrete design/specification:  
1.  Do you or your firm specify review of reinforcing shop drawings on
your projects as a matter of policy?
2.  Do you consider such review to be the "standard of care" in your
community, with such service customarily being provided to clients?
3.  Are you aware of problems arising (for the engineer) from NOT
specifying and then reviewing shop drawings?

Please respond to me privately [viacalx(--nospam--at)] with either yes or
no to each question to speed things up and not clutter the page.  I will
post results for open discussion after a week or so.

Thanks in advance to the group!