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RE: Michigan Frost Depth and Snow Load

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Call the city of Frankfort Monday morning.  The lake effect snows are too
variable to predict snow load.  If that does not work call the USACE Cold
Regions Research and Engineering Lab
<> .  They can get you the snow load based
on longitude, latitude and elevation.  Green Bay will not get as much lake
effect snow as Frankfort.  Frankfort will be at least 60 psf based on the
maps I have.
On the upper end of Michigan the snow loads are 70 psf with 102 inches to
frost.  In Detroit the snow loads are 20 psf with 61 inches to frost.  
Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company 

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Subject: Michigan Frost Depth and Snow Load

Anyone know what the frost depth and snow load are for Frankfort, Michigan?
It is on the west coast of the peninsula about even with Green Bay, not far
from Traverse City and Manistee.
Thanks in advance.