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Re: steel grade

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>Gives a search capability for ASTM or UNS.  I tried UNS 35500 tho' and the
>search didn't find a match.
That's because it didn't have enough information. The UNS system uses 5 digits and a prefix letter for designating metals by chemistry. Without the prefix letter (G for carbon and low alloy steel, S for corrosion resistant among many others) 35500 could apply to just about anything. You can find the AISI designations in Machinery's Handbook or some similar reference. There's no such thing as AISI 634. There may be an ASTM A-634, but it's not among the common structural steels. 

You should go back to your client for more info. Specification designations can be pretty confusing, so it won¹t hurt to ask. The UNS designation won't give you mechanical properties, just chemistry. ASTM specs include both minimum mechanical properties and requirements for processing, so a UNS number doesn't mean the material meets any ASTM spec. If your client can give you a European spec (Denmark may use DIN) you may be able to get a cross-reference in 'Stahlschlussel (Key to Steel) By: C.W. Wegst Hardbound & CD ROM; Publisher: Verlag Stahlschlussel; Publication Date: 1998; ISBN 3-922599-14-1' which you can get from ASM or borrow from a good university library

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