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RE: Portlands vs. Blended Hydraulics

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Although I am in steel construction, I attend construction coordination
meeting regularly.  The question came up regarding the addition of fly ash
and why it was not allowed on this particular project.  The Owners Rep. had
had a bad experience with it and would not allow it and the Structural
Design Engineer said it was company policy not to allow it.  I can
understand the Owners rep comment, but the Engineers was interesting.  My
point before I ramble much farther and expose my ignorance is this.
	Does the addition of fly ash provide an improved Concrete, and in
what area's?
		In Durability
		Crack resistance
		Freeze thaw breakdown resistance
		Alkalinity improvement (reduce carbonation)
I look forward to the final word on this.

Dee Henrie
Adams & Smith Inc.