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Info regarding work in Qatar

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A possibility for a 1 year contract in Qatar was presented to me, today.
The job would be for site supervision of the structural aspects of the
construction of a 110m tall building - two junior engineers under direct
supervision and coordination with project management, mech eng'g,
architect, client (all the standard headaches). The project will be
fast-tracked (read nobody has had time to do anything completely or

They provide bachelor accomodation, all meals, 1 return flight every 6

I have not worked in the middle-east, before.
Married with toddler. I would consider taking a living allowance and
providing family accomodations.

Any comments?
Housing, social, technical (building codes, design standards),
appropriate salary/benfits/(Canadian)tax considerations, etc.
Especially, salary and typical benefits for ex-pat work. I need to do
some quick accounting and career consideration.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada