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1997 UBC 1630.1.1

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I am using 1997 UBC for the first time.  I am a little confused with this

My understanding from reading the code, the E and Em factors here are to be
used in the load combination equations of Section 1612.  I guess the first
question is, what are these values?  Are these values I use to design
individual members, or values I use to do my frame analysis with?  Do I take
my base shear calculated in equation 30-4 and multiply it by these factors to
use in my frame analysis?

It appears to me that equation 30-1 combines a ratio of the horizontal and
vertical load to a maximum seismic load.  For a frame analysis, is this a
maximum horizontal load?  Equation 30-2 combines a seismic amplification
factor with a horizontal load.  Is this also a maximum horizontal load?

Thanks for your help in understanding this.



Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

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