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Re: Is anyone interested? You Bet!

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My $0.01 worth.

Your point is valid here in BC too.  At CSCE (Vancouver Island Section) we
tried the video tape exercise.  The taping went well but the response from
engineers was zero.  We lost a lot of small change in that one.  It struck
me that we are all too busy to stop, sit down and look at a video of
something that happened some time ago.  Here, it  appears that preplanned
well publicized conferences go well but the smaller, shorter term planned
talks are best attended "on the day" only.

We are reviewing video conferencing now, something that didn't "calc" a year
ago and there is a growing voice of discontent here too with the lack of
dissemination of content of seminars, meetings etc.  Our Division of
Structural Engineers in Vancouver runs "Brown Bag" lunches that often have
important issues and the idea of conferencing those is too much to let go.
Here on Vancouver Island we are particularly frustrated with the effort
required to go to the mainland for these events.

I attended one of the FEMA Conferencing (Earthquake Preparedness, I think it
was) sessions at a local college here and found it a bit stilted but the
idea worked and attracted a lot of interest.   I like especially the promise
of attending from the seat in my own office!

Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
Victoria BC

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>I don't think it is lack of interest so much as it is the fact that most of
>us did not know about FEMA 273 until Frank brought it to our attention on
>this list. Yes, yes, I know! Most of you knew - but I was simply too >