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Re: Is anyone interested? You Bet!

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This Arizona engineer, for one, is very interested in your review and 
comments about the FEMA draft.  While I have not had the time to download and 
read the proposed draft, I do have the October, 1997, copies of FEMA 273 and 

Dennis Wish wrote:

>>Our goals as a professional community should be to publish information or 
at least make the information readily available so that engineers can use to 
understand and interpret the codes they must practice. Presently, 
interpretatons of the code has created a great financial market. It seems 
more in keeping with the philosophy of software sales.  Publish a confusing 
or defective product and charge the public for the key to understanding.  Me 
thinks we are learning from poor examples.<<

Until the construction recession of the 1970's, organizations such as PCA had 
regional engineers visit engineering offices and distribute **free** 
information.  ACI used to permit members to receive *one* free copy of all 
standards, guides and reports upon request.  (A coupon was included in the 
then "ACI Journal," now "Concrete International.")  Even CRSI would 
reluctantly distribute *some* of their material free.  U S Steel distributed 
free copies of the "Highway Structure Design Handbook," (3 three-ring binders 
chocked full of information) and put you on a distribution list for free 
updates.  These are just a few of the organizations that used to disseminate 
information to engineers and which don't any more.  I have a slew of this 
free information, however, now that *everyone* is charging for it, I have to 
be *very* selective in requesting what I want, and then it is only after I 
*really need* it!  

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona