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Re: Rail Cars As Bridge Decks

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Several years ago, I did a flat rail car bridge and my research showed that
there are several different configurations of construction.  I actually
went to a yard of flat cars for sale, and had to search to find two that
were actually built the same.  While many were close, my desire was to
properly document the construction so I could then calculate a capacity and
naturally didn't want to do it twice.  The quality control of the
fabrication of these cars is not at all what we are accustomed to seeing in
steel construction.  I was told at the time that there were no "standard
plans" which I found surprising and left me with the option of doing a set
of "as builts" for the two cars I selected.  The couple of companies I
spoke with in hopes that they could install and take responsibility for the
capacity, only could give me a number that wasn't backed up by anything I
felt comfortable with.  

Steve Privett

> Randy Russ wrote:
> I have recently been commissioned to design a roadway bridge for a rural
> parish (that's right, this is Louisiana). They utilize flat rail cars for
> the bridge deck and want me to do likewise. The bridges that I observed
> were well build and in good shape.
> I have searched (to no avail so far) for information on these flat rail
> cars. I would like to know standard geometry, how they are load rated,who
> does the rating, etc.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Randy Russ, P.E.
> Russ Engineering
> Baton Rouge, La.