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Re: Is anyone interested? You Bet!

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The web site for the ASCE/FEMA 273 Prestandard Project under management by 
Degenkolb, Consulting Structural Engineers, Joh Heintz, Project Engineer is:

E-Mail address is:  degenklb(--nospam--at)  (Confirming that the first 
portion of this email address is "degenklb" , not "degenkolb.")

My mother used to tell me "Be careful what you want, you might get it."

Good luck!  Be sure you have lots of paper in your printer.  Some of the 
files run up to 400 pages of printout.

Welcome to the new world of ASCE/FEMA 273 Prestandard Project.
Please read the documents at the web site with an open engineering and 
critical  mind.  Just because the postings come from one of the best 
structural engineering firms in the business does not necessarily make 
everything posted there correct.

Remember the old saying that "a camel is a horse make by a committee."
ASCE/FEMA 273 is better than that but it still is the result of the work of  
a committee.

Frank E. McClure        FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)   June 8, 1999