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Re: Is anyone interested? You Bet!

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I have a few questions. 
1. How was the video seminar marketed? Is it possible that not a sufficient 
number of engineers heard about the availability of the seminar on video tape?
2. How much was the taped seminar?  Was it too expensive (say, over $25.00). 
There has to be a basic premise that the information is intended to help 
engineers - not hold the technology hostage until an engineer can afford the 
key to unlock the commentary. Sounds tough, but I think this is what is 
happening. We are searching for ways to generate income from the Internet or 
Visual tools but are not paying enough attention for how we spend money. If 
the philosophy changes to providing the information at a price afforeded by a 
small one person office - then we need to keep the cost of seminars as small 
as possible.
3. Why not do the humanitarian thing - provide a lending system and make 
seminars available to members for free (say one week at a time) and charge 
non-members a nominal fee for the tapes. This accomplishes one big thing - it 
makes joining a professional organization really worth the dues and attracts 
others outside the organization to consider the advantages of membership.  
The second accomplishment is that it increases the valid education of the 
practicing community - which should be the ultimate goals. 

Remember that seminars would not be necessary if the comentary or code were 
clear as to the intent and methodology.

I don't see live seminars working in my area which has ten or twelve 
engineers to service 100,000 people. It just is not large enough to support a 
chapter - the closest of which is over an hour away. This is probably the 
reason that only two of the twelve engineers here (myself included) are SEA 


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<< Dennis,
 My $0.01 worth.
 Your point is valid here in BC too.  At CSCE (Vancouver Island Section) we
 tried the video tape exercise.  The taping went well but the response from
 engineers was zero.  We lost a lot of small change in that one.  It struck
 me that we are all too busy to stop, sit down and look at a video of
 something that happened some time ago.  Here, it  appears that preplanned
 well publicized conferences go well but the smaller, shorter term planned
 talks are best attended "on the day" only.
 We are reviewing video conferencing now, something that didn't "calc" a year
 ago and there is a growing voice of discontent here too with the lack of
 dissemination of content of seminars, meetings etc.  Our Division of
 Structural Engineers in Vancouver runs "Brown Bag" lunches that often have
 important issues and the idea of conferencing those is too much to let go.
 Here on Vancouver Island we are particularly frustrated with the effort
 required to go to the mainland for these events.
 I attended one of the FEMA Conferencing (Earthquake Preparedness, I think it
 was) sessions at a local college here and found it a bit stilted but the
 idea worked and attracted a lot of interest.   I like especially the promise
 of attending from the seat in my own office!
 Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
 Victoria BC
 vicpeng(--nospam--at) >>