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Re: FEMA 273 - Adobe Acrobat

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I submitted a post in the past few weeks extolling the virtues of Adobe 
Acrobate 4.0. I thought I would bring it up once again for those who may not 
have been paying attention. The cost of the software is around $250.00 (full 
version) and the reader is free from  Bill Pohlemus 
also provided a name of another free software product that will convert from 
common formats to PDF (Portable Document Files). Inasmuch as FEMA 273 is 
published in PDF format - which is and has been the standard for quite some 
time - the document is very easily annotated with the tools in the full 
You can attach yellow sticki-notes, highlight text, change text (careful 
here) add clouds and lines - with the ultimate goal of sending your markup 
back to Degenkolb or the committee for consideration. 
Adobe Acrobate is a very powerful tool useful to our profession and I think 
it can be a great deal of help here.
One final advantage is that virtually every document can be converted to PDF 
(I've found one or two which does not convert including TJBeam output). It 
reduces the size of the SEAINT Online from over 12 megs in size to less than 
2 or 3 megs. My point is that it is versatile and easy to adapt in every 

Finally, I use it to accumulate my structural engineering calculations and 
drawings into one book which is easier to maintain than paper copies. They 
stay in my laptop and go with me. Acrobate allows you to set bookmarks, 
index's, and thumbnails of each page. As I mentioned before, you have full 
annotation capabilities which allows you to markup your analysis package 
during construction and make revisions as necessary. When you need a printed 
record, you simply print part or all of the one document like a book.  You 
can easily add or extract pages or simply reorder them.

I highly recommend this product to every office.

Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor SEAINT Online

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 My mother used to tell me "Be careful what you want, you might get it."
 Good luck!  Be sure you have lots of paper in your printer.  Some of the 
 files run up to 400 pages of printout. >>