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Re: Is anyone interested in creating an Engineering Web Link Reference?

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I had this thought while reviewing the posts to Frank's questions. How 
difficult is it to track (cut and paste) web links into a spreadsheet that 
can be import into a database format. I think this might be a good task for 
the Online listservice if it is possible for non-subscribers to simply 
forward a web address with a brief description to the list. I would be 
willing to transfer the links on a daily basis to an Excel Spreadheet and 
convert the text link to an HTML link. 
The goal is mulitple - We can increase the number of direct links on the 
SEAINT Web page already established for engineering links AND we can create a 
simple online database search for information.
The trick is to provide as many keywords as necessary to create a good and 
effective search criteria. For example, if the site specializes in FEMA 273, 
the link can contain keywords that help identify or define FEMA 273.

If this is not possible, anyone can email links directly to me - but please 
include a number of keywords and a clear description. I simply want to cut 
and paste and will not plan on visiting the sites (unless interested) and  
interpreting what is there.

You might also add a consensus if there is valuable information available or 
if the link is more of a marketing tool. In time we can rate these links.

Vendors, member of other organizations, institutions, research facilities etc 
are encouraged to participate.

One final thought. If you can provide some type of a heading - ie., 
Earthquake or Seismic Design, Wood, Steel, Fasteners etc. - this will help to 
narrow the searches. 

Opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

Dennis S. Wish PE

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<< NEHRP Guidelines for the Seismic 
 Rehabilitaton of Buildings", ASCE/FEMA 273 Prestandard, First Draft, April 
 12, 1999 >>