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Re: FEMA 273 - Adobe Acrobat

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In a message dated 6/8/99 3:28:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time, wellive(--nospam--at) 

 TJBeam V5.42 works OK into PDF per my experience >>

Then HELP, Barry. TJBeam (I am also running V5.42) does not recognize the PDF 
Writer printer driver and I have no other way to convert. Let me know what 
you may have done. I think that I installed AC 4.0 after TJBeam. Could this 
be the case?

I can not get Enercalc to print everything in PDF format - much of my 
calculations are simply missing. I've discussed it with Mike Brooks but he 
was using the most current version which is not available yet and had no 
problem. I did not hear back from him on the prior (most available version).

These are the only two softwares I have had a problem with. 

BTW, I discussed the TJBeam problem with Brian Smith from Trus-Joist. He was 
not aware of the problem and indicated that he would talk with the developers 
and get back to me - so far I haven't heard anything.

Dennis Wish
Fly fisherman envious:>)