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wood connections

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A new Technical Report developed by AF&PA's American Wood Council is available
in PDF format on the awc website at

It is titled "General Dowel Equations for Calculating Lateral Connection
Values:Technical Report 12. The Introduction reads as follows:

The yield limit equations specified in the "National Design Specification®
(NDS®) for Wood Construction" (AF&PA, 1997) for bolt, lag screw, wood screw,
nail, spike and drift pin connections represent a mechanics-based approach for
connection design. This approach, which was incorporated in the "NDS for Wood
Construction" in 1991, permits the designer to determine effects of member
thickness, member strength, fastener size, and fastener strength on lateral
connection values for the majority of connections found in wood construction.
This report covers calculation of lateral values for single dowel type fastener
connections using
a generalized and expanded form of the NDS yield limit equations. These general
dowel equations apply to NDS connection conditions, but also permit rational and
consistent treatment of gaps and fastener moment resistance, and consideration
of various connection limit states. General information is provided in Part I of
this report. Part II contains example problems and Part III provides equation

Questions can be directed to awcinfo(--nospam--at) or by calling the AWC Helpdesk
at 800-AWC-AFPA (292-2372).