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RE: The ASD green Manual

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        Thanks for your advice. Although I haven't found the book per your advice till now.

        We do get a channel to get some latest literatures for daily work (@ member price). One of my favoritism is the text book by Alexander Newman (1997).
        The Background:
         My boss ---- a seasoned P.E. (ahout 50 years old) from Houston always knock my head when I sometimes study the 2nd edition LRFD in office time. He told me to find a 9th ASD manual. My ideas is that  perhaps the 2nd LRFD manual is too cyberspeaking to the practical engingeers and Bob (the seasoned P.E.) don't want me to do any new things which difficult for him to check (or follow?^_^)

        Your  view?

        (Also P.E. locally)
        Structural Engineer

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You may or may not be aware but the ASD 9th edition (green book) is still in print.  You can order a new copy from AISC (800-644-2400).  I am assuming thought that you don't want to shell out $72.00 (non-member price) for a new copy.  As far as a used copy, you can try a used book store, especially one that specializes in techinical books.  I know a book store in downtown Detroit that has sold old versions of ASD manual (8th edition and earlier).

Hope this helps.


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