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Fw: Seeking an old Concrete and Steel book

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I was down at the Univ of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ, just a couple of
weeks ago.  This is the University, of course, where both Pauley and Park

Although my office has a copy of the 1975 RC Structures book, I wanted my
own, but I was informed by the staff of the University bookstore that
although they requested another printing of said book, there was not enough
interest to warrant such action.  Therefore, I believe that the only way to
obtain a hardbound copy is through a used book service.  HOWEVER, because
they still use that book in classes, they had a local shop copy the book
(front and back copies just like a regular text) and bind it.  The copy is a
bit bigger page wise than the original, but it works.  Anyway, they wanted
NZ$95 or thereabouts for it (about US$53).  I imagine if you emailed them
you might be able to buy a copy from them.

Regarding the Salmon book, although I have a copy of that one (college
text), I don't know where to get another.

If you have specific pages in the two books that you need, I could copy and
fax them to you, or better yet scan them and email them .pdf to you.  Let me

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From: Eddie Gonzalez <Eagonzal(--nospam--at)ENG.CI.LA.CA.US>
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Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 1:09 AM
Subject: Seeking an old Concrete and Steel book

>I was wondering if anyone can assist me in getting two old books:
>1. Reinforced Concrete Structures, by R. Park and T. Pauley,
>   1975. John Wiley & Sons, publishers.
>2. Steel Structures, Design and Behavior, 3rd Edition, by C.
>     Salmon  and J. Johnson.
>Thanks  in advance,
>ed gonzalez