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After receiving a private message from Michael Brooks of Enercalc, I would like to explain my previous comments referring to version 5.1 as "vaporware."  On one hand, I commend the people at Enercalc for making sure that the upcoming maintenance release is done right the first time.  While I feel that the Enercalc product is very solid on the grounds of design (for most of it's modules), and is far superior to many other commercially available products out there, version 5.0.6 does have a number of "minor" glitches mostly relating to diplay of graphics, etc. that, while annoying, do not detract from the product's graces.
However, I believe that the "vaporware" moniker is not entirely erroneous.  For the reasons mentioned above, I (and many others) have been eagerly awaiting this maintenance release for some time.  The people at Enercalc have had a number of release dates for version 5.1 posted on their web site for several months.  The dates posted would come and go, and then, a few days later, a new release date would be posted.  While I can fully appreciate that unforseen events (whether they be last minute bug fixes or production delays) can cause a deadline to slip, this release date has already slipped by at least 3 months.
In summary, if you're going to post a release date, please make an effort to stick to it.  If there exists a possiblilty that this date may slip, be forthcoming with your customers as soon as possible in order to head off any adverse feelings.
Sherman D. (Dan) Vines
Willett Engineering Co., Inc.