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Re: Enercalc (was FEMA 273 - Adobe Acrobat)

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This is a common problem - but I would rather have a reduced bug software 
than one that publishes on time with problems. I have confidence in Enercalc 
and believe that the delays are caused by a "purists" opinion to hold back 
something that he (as developer) is not entirely satisfied with. 
The most famous of vapor ware for engineers was Risa for Windows. Now that 
the Beta is out - I can tell you it was worth the wait. I can only imagine 
how difficult it is to rewrite a sophisticated piece of software like Risa 
and have to give the developer credit for taking the loss of potential 
profits to perfect his ware.
The software that really upsets me are the ones that will release on a 
promised date regardless if it is ready or not. This was a big problem with 
Symantec products which I felt that I wasted much money investing in. 

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dan(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Dennis Wish wrote:
 I can not get Enercalc to print everything in PDF format - much of my
 calculations are simply missing. I've discussed it with Mike Brooks but he
 was using the most current version which is not available yet and had no
 problem. I did not hear back from him on the prior (most available version).
 Speaking of Enercalc, I've seen many, many discussions on this list slamming
 Microsoft for producing "vaporware."  Is it just me, or does the release
 date for version 5.6 keep slipping back on an almost daily basis.
 Dan >>