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FEMA 273 Publications

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If you are willing to wait, FEMA 273, 274,275 mad 276 are available FREE by 
calling the FEMA Publications Distribution Center, telephone 1-899-480-2520 
or FAX 
1-301-497-6378.  Also, be sure to order the 1997 NEHRP Maps that should be 
used with FEMA 273 and ASCE/FEMA 273.   These 1997 NEHRP Maps are also 
referred to as the "Seismic Map Package."

If you want to download and print out  ASCE/FEMA 273 documents, (ASCE/FEMA 
273 is a "Prestandard" under development by ASCE into a future ASCE Standard) 
 under the direction of Degenkolb, Consulting Structural Engineers. You can 
contact Degenkolb web site:
Jon Heintz is the Degenkolb ASCE/FEMA 273 Project Engineer.

The seismic hazard maps to be used with FEMA 273 and ASCE/FEMA 273 are the 
same maps that are to be used with the 1997 NEHRP Provisions and are referred 
to as the 1997 NEHRP Maps (or Seismic Hazard Map Package) distributed FREE by 
the FEMA Publications Distribution Center mentioned above.

There is a major error in the Seismological Research Letters, May/June 1999, 
page 295, which is published by the Seismological Society of America, which 
states, in effect, INCORRECTLY that the seismic maps to be used with 
ASCE/FEMA 273 can be found at the USGS web site: 
http//   This USGS web site presents the USGS 
Hazard Mapping Project information, using Probabilistic derived maps,  which 
is different from the 1997 NEHRP "Design Maps" data. 

Frank E. McClure       FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)     June 10,  1999

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