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Re: Retaining Wall Surcharge in Snow Country

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I believe the thinking goes that the soil mass will be effectively frozen in
this condition to negate the surcharge effect.

Barry H. Welliver

Tom Schaniel wrote:

> Does anyone out there who does snow country design have any opinions on what
> to use for a surcharge on retaining walls.  Would you use the ground snow
> weight, or some other number.  For example we have tables that say to use
> 100 psf surcharge for garages and parking areas, and 200 psf surcharges for
> highways.  In areas with a 300 psf ground snow weight it seems out of line
> to be using this number directly and getting tougher retaining walls then
> would be used at a highway.  We'd appreciate any thoughts or recommended
> references.
> Tom Schaniel
> Mammoth Lakes, CA