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Re: software/cds

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From: "André" Gaspar <andregaspar(--nospam--at)>
Reply-To: seaint(--nospam--at)
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: software/cd´s
Date: 7 Jun 99 01:12:59 WET DST

Do you have any civil engineering/structural/hidraulic... software???
Or do you know if someone sells civil engineering software???

Thank you.
I´m sorry, but i dont´speek inglish...very, very, very very bad!!!!!
i´m portuguese

i´have soft, eng. strutural.
MGV - calc of "vigas" (portugues).this program is +- free becose i its piraty

MGP - calc of portics, method of gheller, very good for calc of esforces, of any material, and is very easy. calc the stell of the simple flexion . this program it´s piracy(+-). in portugal any persone have this program.

MGE- calc of portics in 3d. i think in infinit method. but i d´ont, becouse ill cust 100.000$00. 1 dollar= +- 150$00.

I have de CYPE cad espacial. This program is very very good. its strutural, but i buy, and cust very very mutch: 650.000$00: +- 10 minimum salarium in portugal. But this program have un KEylog im paralell port of print, and i dónt piracy.

you, aconselho a page for: Engenharia Civil Portugal; or Filipe Miguel Tavares (yahoo) becouse in this page, you have very soft free for ENGç, principalmento for water!


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