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Re: Favorite Handbooks

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These are a few of my favorite things:
Standard Handbook of Structural Details for Building Construction by Newman.
Steel Structures Design and Behavior 2nd ed. Salmon & Johnson.
Theory of Matrix Structural Analysis - Dover publications (good books) by
Design of Concrete Structures 10th ed. by Nilson & Winter.
Design of Wood Structures 3rd ed. by Breyer.
Site Details (AIA) by Ramsey & Sleeper.
Design of Machine Elements (good materials reference) by Spotts.
Design of Single Story Rigid Frames (MBMA) by Lee, Ketter and Hsu.
Also a really good source of high wuality but cheap books is Edward R.
Hamilton Bookseller in Falls Village, CT 06031-5000.  It's GOT to be a HUGE
place but they don't have a phone so you will have to write them if you are


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Subject: Favorite Handbooks

>Dear colleagues,
>I would appreciate if you let us know about your favorite design handbooks;
>namely R.C. Structures, Steel structures, Composite Structures, Structural
>Engineering, geotechnical Engineering, and so on. We are planning to renew
>some of our old handbooks, so your comments are highly appreciated in
>advance. It can be informative to new engineers too.
>Best Regards,
>P.S. Besides, I will be very much thankful to get any advice on any
>specific standard for design of power-electric transfer syetems in
>U.S./Canada or Europe.
>Thanks for your time again.
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