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RE: A/E/C Show & Structural Microstation Triforma

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I did check out the Microstation Structural package via their web site.  I
think it closely resembles the Intergraph product Frameworks.  Frameworks
was the PC version of the UNIX package known as MicasPlus which was a truly
integrated drawing production, 3D analysis and design package for structural
engineers.  As a user of MicasPlus, I thought Intergraph had structural
engineering nailed (not that the package didn't leave one wanting, but the
concept of all-in-one was excellent).
When Intergraph decided to move their products from UNIX to the PC (Windows
NT), they decided not to port MicasPlus.  They only brought the
drafting/drawing production pieces over.  This included the ability to
create a 3d analysis model with geometry and loads.  They gave plenty of
reasons for why they didn't bring the entire package over, none of which I
believed.  The main problem with porting the entire package was the cost of
certifying the analysis package for government work.  Each time a simple
tutorial (dialog box) was modified, the entire package had to be
recertified.  Intergraph felt that this was too expensive (although they
never admitted to this fact in public - I had some friends working there).
so, to fast forward to Bentley's product, the ability to include analysis is
very daunting.  you couple this fact with the cost of developing your own
analysis engine or at least porting someone else's into the software and you
can see why they chose to let you use whichever analysis/design tool you
wish.  You get flexibility and Bentley doesn't get the headaches.
So, you are right, it would be more beneficial - for us.  Not for Bentley.
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HI ,
A week ago I posted the message below and did not get much response. Is it
that most of us do not think of structural design in 3D (Even though one may
be able to do some general structural calculations inside a cadd program
like "Structural Microstation Triforma")? Would not this be more beneficial
than linking to an analysis package?
Joseph Harouni

Last week I attended the a/e/c show in Los Angeles and looked at an 
impressive structural cadd package by Bentley called Microstation Triforma 
Structural. Wanted to know if any body looked at it and what impression you 
got from it? 
Joseph Harouni 

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