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RE: A/E/C Show & Structural Microstation Triforma

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Title: RE: A/E/C Show & Structural Microstation Triforma

Dave in Detroit wrote:
When Intergraph decided to move their products from UNIX to the PC (Windows NT), they decided not to port MicasPlus.  They only brought the drafting/drawing production pieces over.  This included the ability to create a 3d analysis model with geometry and loads.  They gave plenty of reasons for why they didn't bring the entire package over, none of which I believed. 

Stan Responds:

I think that the decision to drop MicasPlus was tied mostly to personnel.  Micas was developed in the early 1980s by Leonard Rand, first as a student at RPI, and then as President of the Rand Group in Dallas, Texas.  I bought Micas for $25,000 in 1984, and when it ran on a Wang 2200.  Later, while the conversion of Micas to PC computers was underway, the Rand Group was acquired by Intergraph and relocated to their headquarters.  Leonard Rand became a Vice President of Intergraph.  It is my understanding that he subsequently left to join AutoDesk.  I think that MicasPlus died shortly thereafter.

I don't think that Bentley TriForma can be compared to Intergraph MicasPlus, because it is my understanding that the former does not have any internal structural analysis or design engines.  Dave, perhaps you can implant one (Dow joke)!;^>


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE
Dallas, Texas (Hockeytown South)