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Re: Is anyone interested? You Bet!

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When I was in school at Northridge, I remember that we had classes in the 
Library building which were in audio visual rooms so that video taped 
lectures could be presented or Live lectures could be broadcast to different 
While we try and create Powerpoint presentations (and I think your 
expectation is unrealistic for all but a few small seminars) we should be 
trying to create audio seminars that follow a seminar notes manual (since few 
actually create calculations on screen and most manuals have the same slide 
presentations as the video portion).

This might seem like a step backward, but it would bring the seminar into our 
cars or offices or homes at a much more affordable price, much sooner in time 
and can be implimented now.

We might also discuss this with college administrators to see if the resouces 
on campus for creating video lectures can be offered to us.

Just a few thoughts.

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<< Dennis,
 As you know, we have discussed this a couple of times, SEAOSC or (SEAInt)
 is working towards providing atleast SEAOSC seminars, both mini and macro
 on the website.  The mini seminars are the Practical Design and Detailing
 series of 35 min presentations and the macro are the half or whole day
 The purchase of the digital projector and the encouragement of the
 presentors to use Powerpoint are the major step in this direction.  I would
 guess that within in a year or 18 months we could be providing seminar
 presentation on the website.  they would not be a tape of the presentor,
 but the video of what was projected and the audio, and the inclusion of any
 Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
 Newport Beach, CA >>