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Re: T-headed termination of column reinforcement

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In a message dated 6/11/99 6:10:11 AM EST, chamilto(--nospam--at) writes:

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 	Does anybody know of a reference for design of T-headed column
 longitudinal reinforcing bar terminations?  That is, how would you calc
 terminator "plate" diameter and other relevant parameters?  I am
 particularly interested in a bridge spec reference, but a building spec
 will be a good start just to see if it's a feasible alternative.  (I
 don't have a complete copy of the Caltrans BDS and I'm trying to figure
 out what I would need if there even *is* a spec there.)  A reference is
 preferred to an equation, but an equation is also welcome.  ;-)
 	Also, if you have any names of suppliers that I might contact, those
 would also be appreciated.  Private email or list reply okay.
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Erico provides a threaded end plate called the "terminator."  Historically, a 
coupler was welded to a flat plat and then screwed on to the end of the 
rebar.  Erico realized they could buy a pieces of round bar stock (1-3/8" 
diameter for #4 rebar terminator to 4-1/2" diameter for #18 rebar terminator) 
and cut it into multiple pieces the same length as there standard couplers, 
or slightly shorter, and just drill and thread a hole in the center of the 
plate.  Other companies (Barsplice) sell couplers with welded end plates.

I have used the terminator plates in the past and they have been easy to use. 
 The only complaint is by the rebar fabricators because they don't like to 
thread rebar, most shops have to farm the work out to larger shops which have 
the threading equipment.

You can contact Erico at (800)248-2677 (Solon, Ohio).  I don't know if they 
have a new sales rep in California yet.

Hope this helps, 

Michael Cochran