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Re: LGSEA / ASI Seminar

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As a matter of fact, we just started seriously investigating video taping the 
seminars we give through local chapters and as part of committee/general 
meetings (inspired by you, and others on this listserve).  For example, the 
Hawaii Chapter held an outstanding seminar last week on corrosion (presented 
by Greg Zhang, Cominco Ltd., out of Toronto) that I wish everyone would have 
been able to attend.  We can cover the subject in a Tech Note, but the Q&A 
sessions are priceless.  

I'm hopeing we can get something set up for the LGSEA meetings in San 
Francisco at the end of this month (seminars:  "Welding Light Steel 
Materials", "Performance of Various Types of Shear Wall Bracing," "Joist 
Design", and "Design and Inspection of Light Gauge Steel Structures.") -- but 
no promises.  Even if we can be assured that the sound and lighting will be 
adequate, there are a few non-technical hurdles we have to cross and not a 
lot of time to do it . . . plus this is an off-the-budget item for me.  The 
six-hour seminar we're giving in L.A., S.F., and Seattle (area) in July is a 
little more complicated, so I don't think we'd be in a position to tape that 
one, however, I'm fairly confident that we'll have it together by the Atlanta 
Chapter meeting (August 21).  

All in all, I think the idea of making seminars available in a video format 
is an excellent way to increase the accessibility of this information.  We'll 
report back on our "adventures" and success in making this happen.  
Suggestions are always appreciated.

Larry Williams
Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association