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Re: self drilling screw spacing for light gage

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Larry Williams (director of LGSEA) may be able to help you on this one. He 
can be reached at lgsea(--nospam--at) At worst case, he should be able to lead you 
to the sourse of an answer. 

In a message dated 6/9/99 9:09:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
dan(--nospam--at) writes:

<< I have run into an interesting problem.  That being the difficulty in
 finding information on minimum spacing and edge distances of screws for
 connecting light gage members (web to chord connections in light gage
 trusses, specifically).  The particular screw that has been used is a 12-14
 TEK3 as manufactured by Triangle Fastener Corp. under the trade name
 "Blazer".  A call to TFC was of no help whatsoever.  I then tried the Hilti
 catalog under the assumption that a similar screw by different manufacturers
 would, in essence, be indentical.  Unfortunately, Hilti does not provide
 this information in their catalog either (at least for their "Kwik-Pro"
 I had some info at one time calling for 3/4" minimum spacing and that is
 what was specified.  I have since misplaced it.  The problem is that my
 trussess were assembled with screw spacing of 1/2" or even slightly less.  I
 would like a firm number on minimum spacing as well as a formula or table
 that will allow me to decrease the allowable load per screw based on some
 spacing less than the minimum.  If anyone has this information, or can point
 me in the proper direction on how to obtain it, please let me know.
 Sherman D. (Dan) Vines
 Willett Engineering Co., Inc.
 dan(--nospam--at) >>