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RE: Seminar Library???

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>I suspect that [development cost] is not really a major consideration [in 
the total cost
>of producing a publication]. --Dennis

I added the words in brackets above to try to trim down this post. Excuse 
me if I took anything out of context.

I've been involved, either as a staff member or volunteer, in the 
development of publications and other sources of technical information for 
several organizations, including AISC, RCSC, ASCE, AWS and BSSC. It has 
been my experience that the development costs for the products you see are 
staggering. Actually, the develoment costs can outrun the publishing cost 
by an order of magnitude when its a case of creating something from 
scratch. In any case, they should not be minimized. Frankly, I'm amazed 
that the products we all buy cost as little as they do.

It's easy to snicker at or complain about the price of a reference book or 
other piece of technical information. But I think you have to ask yourself 
what would be the cost for each of us to do business if that product didn't