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Re: ASD vs. LRFD

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The future of steel calcs. will really be LRFD.  This is similar to WSD and 
Strength Design in concrete.  Most engineers are using Strength design but 
there are still few old engineers who are using WSD.  This is because they 
are familiar with it and feel more comfortable in using it.  Eventually when 
all those old engineers are gone then what if left are Strength Designers.  
This will be the same as the ASD and LRFD.  New engineers are forced to learn 
ASD because that is what their Senior Engineers are using.  When they become 
Sr. Engineers,  they won't have any qualms if their new engineers will be 
using LRFD because they are already familiar with it.  But what is the fuss 
of not using LRFD anyway?  With the advent of computers,  you don't gain much 
time in using either ASD or LRFD.  You might be saving a little in the 
materials but you will be sacrificing quality and strength.  Let the design 
of steel evolve and let the steel designers use what they feel more 
comfortable with.

Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.