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Re: masonry deputy insp.

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Prisms cut from the wall will give you the strength, perhaps rebar scanning
and some exposure of the reinforcement to determine size and grade.  One
issue is damaging the wall to find out about it's construction.

We are currently involved in two projects EXACTLY like the one you've
described.  In both instances, Special/Deputy Inspection was also clearly
called out on the plans.

We have developed a Inspection and Observation Program pursuant to UBC
106.3.5 that is a full size sheet with the title block blank for your
company name.  We suggest you call it S-1A.   This meets and exceeds the
requirements of this section of the code.   It will soon be downloadable
through the SEAINT Web site in the SEAOSC Quality Assurance Committee
documents.  The hope is that both the Contractor and the Municipal
Inspector would be hard put to say they missed AN ENTIRE PAGE!!

It is currently available through our website. 

R. Sandy Pringle,
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At 01:40 PM 6/13/99 -0400, you wrote:
>First I would ask the building department what is their position on how to
>deal with a lack of required inspections.    If the building department
>mandated this inspection and it cannot be provided they could refuse to
>issue a certificate of occupancy unless they are made happy.  
>Secondly  write a letter to your client pointing out that because their was
>a lack of required inspection that there are some questions as to the
>adequacy of the construction.   Keep him informed as to the uncertanties of
>accepting this work even after a testing program so that he buys into any
>decision related to accepting the work.
>Mark Gilligan
>>New construction, 8" cmu, solid grout, #5 @ 16" o.c. vert., f'm=1500psi,
>axial load from roof taken by steel columns, not cmu wall. Design with
>deputy insp., D+L+E=1.28<1.33
>Deputy insp. CLEARLY called out on the structural drawings but guess
>what.... contractor did not have deputy inspection during construction.
>Now I get to wrestle with what to do.
>Cores are my only idea at this point. All this will do is give me
>strengths, I will never know (other than based on my limited observation
>of the wall construction) what the quality of construction was for the
>entire wall(s).
>Any ideas out there?