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Re: Seminar Library???

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In a message dated 6/12/99 5:37:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
carter(--nospam--at) writes:

<< It's easy to snicker at or complain about the price of a reference book or 
 other piece of technical information. But I think you have to ask yourself 
 what would be the cost for each of us to do business if that product didn't 
 Charlie >>

Charlie, what if it existed in electronic format for those who could benifit 
from it. Assuming then that the cost for hard copy publications is left to 
those who do not have the means to download a PDF format.
I was asking if publication cost was set by profit or by the cost of 
production. Is AISC, for example, interested more in the profit generated by 
the sale of publications or is the intention to make the information 
available to engineers so that they can design better structures.

Constintines post seem to imply that the cost of the proceedings from a 
seminar should be inflated so as to prevent engineers from simply purchasing 
the documents and not attending the meetings. This, to me, seems counter 
productive to what material organizations are suppose to provide the 
professional community.

Dennis Wish PE