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Re: ASD vs. LRFD

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Dear Mr. ASD User: 
It is no one's job to "Tell you why or show you why" to practice your design 
with LRFD.  Being a PE it is your choice to be with LRFD or ASD.  Using ASD 
you will be deprived of design changes, code requriremet changes and 
efficient method of design.
ASD will not be revived, nor published, nor any research will be 
incorporated.  ASD users are already five year behind LRFD.  There are 10-12 
or more requirement in LRFD design which are not in ASD.  So, can you tell 
your client that your ASD technically does not meet AISC design requirement?  
You are in legal jeopardy my ADS user!  I would recommend ASD user like our 
Gulf Breeze P. E. guy to attend some AISC seminars, Lecture series and 
Classes and meet Professors and P. Es to convince himself/herself. 
At present about 70% or more engineers nationwide are using LRFD?
By the way, do not be left out choice is yours.