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Re: Special message for Lurker's

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Your call to participate sounds like the old saw "get out and vote": if 
someone doesn?t know the issues, I certainly don?t want that person to vote! 

If one has nothing to add to the discussion, other than "me too", I don't 
want my already overloaded email box further overloaded! Many of us in 
private practice have a real time crunch running a business and staying 
abreast of the changes in our profession. This list server is invaluable to 
me, and I particularly value insights from the Code writers, and from those 
with special experience and knowledge. But I can barely keep up with all the 
messages now, let alone if another few hundred people are encouraged to 
contribute just to avoid being called "lurkers" (an unfortunate term: seems 
on par with voyeur or peeping tom; how about participant who monitors 
discussions and contributes when appropriate or MONITORS for short). 

By simply belonging to this list server, one is a participant, and if you 
want votes, ask for them (yes, no, undecided), but don?t encourage mindless 
contributions. There are already too many personal messages with little value 
to the rest of us, threads that break down into personality conflicts and 
even some "grandstanding". 

Charles Laines, S.E.
Long Beach, California