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Re: Seminar Library???

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First I hear about people complaining about cost of dues and now I am
hearing criticism about the level of service that SEAONC is providing to
its membership.  Could it  be that SEAONC has obtained the proper balance.

Our Continuing Education Committee has a long history of providing quality
educational opportunities to our membership.   I believe that the
membership is satisfied with the quality of the programs.  I would expect
that SEAOSC  likewise is committed to providing education opportunities
that meet the needs of its membership.  The difficulty is that there are
limited rsources and thus difficult decisions must be made as to how to
provide the most benifet for the largest number of members.

It should be noted that the notes for a number of the past seminars are
availible for purchase at the SEAONC office.

I consider a 15% turnout a damn good attendance given the conflicts on
peoples times and the number of engineers who are uninterested in
maintaining their skills

While we would all like things to be free, the reality is that the many
benifits provided by the local and state organizations can only be provided
if the organizations are financially  responsible.  This  requires that
there be some charges for the services.  The seminar costs are nominal
especially considering the costs for similiar seminars in the private

Mark Gilligan