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RE: Special message for Lurker's

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I carefully read all of the messages that come up on the list and find much
information and interest on the list.  I have posted a couple of questions
and responses to various discussion threads, but would not consider myself a
"regular".  On the other hand, if all 15000 members regularly posted
comments on each subject, I would have a very difficult time reading through
them.  I find that most of the members post a message because they have
something to add (generally) to the discussion.  Just posting something to
get the numbers up would only water down the valuable nature of the
discussion.  There are many good Engineers who participate in the field and
may not voice an opinion except that they build their opinions in steel,
concrete, wood and other materials every day.

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Subject: Special message for Lurker's

It happened to come up in conversation with an engineer I ran into that he 
was a Lurker on our SEAINT List. He was interested in the conversations that

have been taking place regarding the new 1997 Code changes related to Rigid 
Diaphragm Analysis and to the discussions related to FEMA 273.
Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor SEAINT Online