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>I think my dentist should just use the methods and practices that she was
>taught in school 20 years ago. If it was good enough then, it should be good
>enough now.
>The problem isn't LRFD vs. ASD. The problem is engineers who don't have
>"time" or "inclination" to keep up with the state of the art.
>The problem is such that many states now require continuing education in
>their license renewal regulations, and many more are soon to follow.

Dear Friends:

	Probabilistic methods are gaining interest within a wide variety of
disciplines. The attractive features of a probabilistic approach include
the clear treatment and presentation of uncertainty, the rational handling
of professional judgments, and the possibility of being imprecisely correct
rather than precisely incorrect, as the case may be in deterministic
analysis and design (ASD).

	Also trough LRF Load Factors every society will need to develop his own
specific code, because non-operational loads ( as wind or earthquake ) are
different from US or Canada or Europe or Latin America.

	So the times, when many countries where using foreign standards in design
practice, are becoming to an end. Only  enginnering judgment will last.

Adolfo Galvez.