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In a message dated 6/14/99 4:13:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time, vicpeng(--nospam--at) 

<< Agreed.  In fact I recall a number of minor surveys that did attract a bit
 of movement and I see that there are honest suggestions as to how to monitor
 the important issues.
 Is there evidence at your end that the influential are paying heed to the
 threads herein?  I do read the postings from various people who are involved
 but does their participation lead to significant changes?
 Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
 Victoria BC
 vicpeng(--nospam--at) >>

Most definately. I think that we are gaining a great deal of support and 
acknowledgment from the  "boards and chairs".  The proof is that members like 
John Shipp, Ron Hamburger, Bill Warren, Bill Nelson, Rick Ranous, Bob Bossi, 
Ali Sadre, et al, who are the present "powers to be" are activly 
participating in the discussions and debates that are going on. 
These are the "Boards and Chairs" who are influential in California. I would 
hope that soon, the "B&C" of other organizations will participate - we have 
had one response two weeks ago from Dr. Gene Corley who is prominent in SEA 
of Illinois. 
About two years ago, Rawn Nelson posted his first message on the List. For 
those who may not see the significance - Rawn is one of the long time active 
participants in SEAOSC and who is influential in the NCSEA as well. Rawn's 
participation on the list opened the doors for others to participate and this 
led SEAOSC to understanding the strength in the List service.
Through the persistance of board members like Jim Lai (current SEAOSC 
president) we were able to start SEAINT which was intended to be a 
non-political forum which engineers can use to resolve issues and influence 
those B&C's of other organizations.

Don't misunderstand - we are making tremendous ground as SEAINT is rapidly 
being acknowledged by many professional organizations. My argument has been 
to bring more voices to the forefront so that the B&C's will understand the 
strength of the committement by professional engineers who are concerned with 
the quality of the codes we use.

I've said this before - don't confuse constructive critism with distaste or 
malfeasents of our professional society. We are best to change what we have 
than to start over. We just need to develope a solidarity among professionals 
who have been involved in doing the work for years with those of us who are 
just comming into the picture due to the advances of the technology. There 
needs to develope a mutual respect where everyone can work at the same level.