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Re: Special message for Lurker's

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Thanks, John, for your reply. 
There is an understandable problem with filtering email for those on the List 
who use AOL. I did not realize it before I switched from an ISP to AOL a few 
months ago. AOL does not offer the sophistication of filtering that comes 
with Outlook. There is a very good add-on to AOL called PowerMail and 
PowerTools (keyword BPS) which are well worth the money. Unfortunately they 
don't help to filter incomming mail although they do wonders for creating 
storage and tracking your files within AOL's formats.
I have to play Devil's advocate on this one as I learned that many of those 
on the List are at a disadvantage when it comes to filtering incomming mail.


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 I would suggest that you use your Inbox Assistant (or similar feature for
 those not saddled with Microsoft Exchange) to separate SEAINT mail
 automatically from the rest of your correspondance.  You can then group the
 mails by subject and decide what's worth reading and what's not.  Works for
 On the subject of lurking (a sinister word, no?) I've observed that the
 nature of the exchanges on the list makes many possible contributors nervous
 about the reception they'll get.  Too bad.  I am reminded of the many kudos
 for the contributions of Harold Sprague, a lot of which had to do with his
 professional manner, excellent technical content notwithstanding.
 -John Silva