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Re: risk analysis

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In a message dated 6/14/99 4:15:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
yalrick(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Hello, I am making my master thesis in Structural Engineering. It deal 
with analysis of risk in the case of seismic events, and i need information 
about procedures of how to determine the levels of acceptance of the social 
risk; the only book that I have found so far is "An Anatomy of Risk" for W.D. 
Rowe, published by EPA in 1975, but it is not too specific. plesase help!! 
and Excuse my little English.  >>

There is a movement for engineers to create Probable Maximum Loss (PML) 
reports for clients who are investing in structures and want to know the 
level of risk that exists.
The work being done by at least one company (EMG out of Baltimore MD) uses a 
methodology developed by SEAOC (SEAONC) based upon the work of Ted Zuttey SE. 
You might contact SEAONC (I believe the email address is seaonc(--nospam--at) or 
SEAOC (seaoc(--nospam--at) to obtain copies of the Zuttey's work if it was 
published in the SEAOC Proceedings or if a seminar was given and notes are 

Possible someone else can provide better information as this is still a new 
topic for me as well and I have not read through Zuttey's published work. 
Also, I would appreciate it if anyone can verify the correct spelling of his 
name - sorry for the inacuracy.
Dennis S. Wish PE