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Re: ASD vs. LRFD

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There has been much discussion on ASD vs LRFD the past few days. I am a
user of LRFD and do not find it any harder to use then ASD, in fact it
is fairly straight forward. There have been comments that it is not
appropriate for elastic structures, however it must be remembered that
the typical elastic analysis is a lower bound solution. 

In some cases it will give greater economy in member selection,depending
on the live to dead load ratios. LRFD is far superior for composite

As far as know the 9th edition is the last edition of ASD, and that was
10 years ago. The third edition of LRFD is expected in about 2 years I
believe. The future of steel design is LRFD,others may disagree, It is
not taught, for the most part anymore, all of the current research is
LRFD based. 

I think future design trends are definatelely LRFD based, such as
performanced based design.

David N. Martin, P.E.