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Re: Stressed Skin Design

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You may contact Granada at 117 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000,

A few random thoughts on stressed skin design:

Economy is unlikely to be the USP of stressed skin design. You
may have to design the entire diaphragm to have a larger
thickness simply to prevent buckling which is hardly ever a
consideration otherwise.

There are other valid reasons though. A stressed skin structure
can be given a variety of forms not possible with conventional
structures. A very common use of diaphragm action is to restrict
deflections and to distribute concentrated loads.

Books on aircraft design, specially the older ones before the
computer era, give you a better understanding of the subject. If
you are a FEM buff, the right elements are again provided by the
aircraft industry. A combination of eight-node warped
quadrilateral shear panel and linear load axial element is ideal
for stressed skin design.

Rudra Nevatia