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Trust me, Paul.  The nuclear plants aren't going to change to LRFD simply
because it is very doubtful that the US NRC will allow the changes.  You
have to understand that nuclear plants are licensed to specific codes,
including year of revision, and to use a new one requires a fairly large
amount of paperwork (read - money).  

Greg Ferguson
New Orleans, LA

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Subject: Re: ASD vs. LRFD

> >If you
> >think that ASD should live on, then action needs to be taken to turn the
> >academics and code writer soon, or for better or worse it will "starve."
> There's no question that ASD will live on, if only in the Nuclear Codes
> and lifting equipment design codes, simply because the design of such
> things is governed by service loading.

These codes will necessarily be ASD in the future because they are ASD now?
A load factor could not be found for nuclear or lifting equipment?  While I
have no idea whether these codes will ever change and don't care to
speculate, I'm not sure that I agree with the premise behind the statement.

Paul Crocker