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Dear All,

One thing I brought up a long time ago is that the California Building
Code (Title 24, Part 2) which is used in the design of public schools
and hospitals does not allow the use of LRFD.  OSHPD (the hospital
building department), is not adopting the 1997 UBC with state amendments
and staying with the current 1994 UBC with state amendments while DSA
(public school building department) is adopting the 1997 UBC with state
amendments.  Since of late, I have been doing almost entirely hospital
work, I have not gotten into the 1997 UBC requirements and do not know
if the LRFD is part of the 1999 state amendments to the 1997 UBC.
Perhaps, someone who has seen the 1999 state amendments could tell us if
the LRFD restriction is still in place.

Patrick Rodgers