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Common versus Box Nails

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I would like your opinion on an issue that has been around since common and 
box nails were used in wood framing construction.  
If a set of construction documents for wood framing in residential 
construction has in its specifications and details a shear wall schedule with 
nailing called out with the following title and format:  "Shear wall 
schedule, 1985 Uniform Building Code and then proceeds to list the material 
and nailing, e.g., 10. 3/8" structural II plywood with 8d nails at 6" o.c. 
edges and 12" o.c. field (Table 25K UBC) and further has no note that 
specifies all nailing to be common nails unless noted otherwise, is the 
contractor to be faulted because he uses box nails in lieu of common nails?  
Or, is the standard of care by the engineer lacking because he did not 
specify common nails on the plans?
My experience has been that many contractors don't know the difference and 
the table 25K UBC indicates that the nails can be common or galvanized box.  
I believe that all they see or understand is common or box as if they were 
code approved and interchangeable.
I don't know of any contractors that take the UBC to the job when they have a 
set of plans that show the shear wall schedule and the nailing even though it 
refers to the UBC.  
Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,
Ray Shreenan, S.E.