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Re: ASD Best in Which Ed. of Salmon & Johnson or...?

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2nd Ed. covers ASD and Plastic design.  It 967 pages verses 1061 pgs of 3rd
ed.  Its main focus is ASD with addition of plastic design.  I do not know
anything about 1st ed. but I can't image it being much better as far as ASD.


seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
I was trained in LRFD, and I'm interested in digging into ASD.  I have a
copy of the 3rd edition of Salmon & Johnson, but it focuses on LRFD.  If I
get the second edition, will it be strong in ASD, or should I get the first
edition...or a different book(s) all together?  I'd like to have good
background as well as practical information.



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